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“Adorned Affairs- we create, you celebrate!” “There’s nothing one cannot accomplish, if he wishes to!” Laid down on this very foundation, Adorned Affairs was a long term pending initiative, materialized by Kiran Patel in March 2015, with the vision of imparting happiness and gifting memories that could be treasured for a lifetime. Adorned Affairs shoulders the responsibility of planning and organizing people’s occasions and making their celebrations ‘a little better’, by fulfilling their wishes of having memorable merriments. Celebrations don’t need a reason, is what the Adorned Affairs team firmly believes in. All they believe in is making everyday a celebration and designing each celebration in way that it becomes timeless. Corporate events, engagement ceremonies, kitty parties, social gatherings and festive celebrations, theme based parties, etc. are few things on their agenda and all these are complemented by services of photography, fine dining, catering, DJ and other special services on request. Another added feather to their cap is tiffin services for bulk orders and essentially for corporates. They project with interest and function with accountability. From simple to stylish and elegant to blings, they provide a palette to choose from or give you the leverage to design your special day. The credibility of Adorned Affairs lies in their hard work and their time bound, systematic services, which surely helps them achieve their target of spreading sublime smiles! It’s a one-stop spot for ideal fêtes! THANK YOU ADORNED AFFAIRS KIRAN PATEL
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